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Welcome to the 4th international conference of military medical schools (icmms) 2024 

"Shaping the future of military medical education through innovation and collaboration" 


Welcoming remarks from UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT

Dr. Jonathan Woodson


As this year's host of the International Conference of Military Medical Schools (ICMMS), it is my privilege to welcome you for this landmark event, September 17-19. Your participation adds immeasurable value to this conference, and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences is deeply honored to host such a distinguished gathering of international military medical education leaders, students and healthcare professionals. 

The ICMMS embodies the spirit of global collaboration, emphasizing the significance of international partnerships in advancing the field of military medicine. As future leaders in healthcare, your presence underscores the importance of fostering relationships that transcend borders, ensuring that we can collectively address the evolving challenges faced by military medical professionals worldwide. 

Health stands as a universal ideal that unites us all. Regardless of our diverse backgrounds, we share a common commitment to improving the well-being of individuals and communities. This shared dedication serves as the backdrop for our international partnerships, forming the basis for collaborative initiatives aimed at achieving better health outcomes for all. 

Interoperability, the ability to work seamlessly with our global counterparts, is a cornerstone of effective military medical practice. It is our shared responsibility to understand each other's methodologies, techniques, practice patterns, and healthcare systems, thereby ensuring that our combined efforts result in a unified and effective response to any medical scenario. 

The development of our military medical department workforce is a shared endeavor that requires the cultivation of the right knowledge, skills, and abilities. This conference provides a unique platform for learning from each other, exchanging best practices, and collectively shaping the education and training of tomorrow's military medical professionals. 

I encourage you to actively engage in the conference, seizing the opportunity to learn from diverse perspectives, contribute your insights, and establish connections that will endure throughout your careers. The ICMMS at USU is not just an event; it is a forum where future leaders collaborate to advance the noble cause of military medicine. Together we can build a pathway to great partnerships. 

I look forward to seeing each of you in September! 



Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences


Bethesda, Maryland


17-19 September 2024


31 July 2024